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Houston Soils - Houston Top Soil - Houston Soil Delivery

Champion Landscape Supplies offers the following types of quality soils and composts:

Screened Topsoil

A sandy loam from the rich rice fields of Katy Texas.

Free of sticks and rocks.

Enriched Topsoil

Best enriched topsoil in Houston.

Topsoil amended with billions of bacteria to help promote any plants or turf
to be more organically charged with the right combination of microbial nutrients.

Golden Garden Mix

A blend of three composts....chicken manure compost, wood compost, and mushroom compost with Rhizogen added that contains 400 billion beneficial bacillus bacteria and 7200 mycorrhizal fungi plus 5% humic acid.

This blend of soil mix is for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and areas in direct sunlight where water is needed the most.

As you fertilize your flowerbed or garden the necessary beneficial bacteria are inside the plant mix to break this down and feed your plants for months on end without need to reapply more fertilizer.


houston premium garden mix  - premium garden mix Houston


Premium Garden Mix

Our top selling garden mix.

Perfect for gardens.

A mixture of horse manure compost, mushroom compost, wood compost, topsoil, and mason sand.

houston premium garden mix  - premium garden mix Houston

Lawn Mix

Designed for topdressing your existing turf and filling in holes or depressions caused by animals or contractors.

A mixture of 1 part mason sand and 2 parts topsoil.

The sand allows for moisture to percolate into the lower soil layers and allow your lawn grass blades to see the sun.


Premium Lawn Mix

If your lawn is looking bad…..this is specially designed for you! The best thing you can do to renew your lawn !

Your lawn has just experienced the worst drought in Texas since the 1950’s. This upcoming year the forecasters cannot predict a normal rainfall year again.

Your lawn needs some extra help to sustain itself and to build the root structure deeper and to repair your existing lawn from what has already taken place this past two years.

Simple Test: go into your tool box and get a Phillips screwdriver of at least 6 inches long. Press this screwdriver into the soil in different parts of your turf areas. How far down will it penetrate?

Less than two inches…..then you need aeration immediately.

Deep as 3 inches…….you are marginal on need to aerate

Up to 4 inches to full penetration….then your lawn is doing great….no aeration needed.

Each Cubic Yard of Premium Lawn Mix contains the following:
- Contains (133 billion) total Bacillus Bacteria
- Contains 2400 total Mycorrhizal Fungi
- Increase Root Vitality
- Cures Brown Patch and Take All Patch
- Improved Nutrient Uptake
- Healthier Plants & Improved Yields

Super Compost - Tri Compost

Blend of horse manure compost, wood compost, and mushroom compost.

Great for fertilization due to blend of both high nitrogen and slow release components.

Turn depleted or clay soil into rich organic high producing soil. 

Great for top dressing or mulching flower or garden beds.    


Mushroom Compost

Intended to be mixed into existing soil.

Outstanding soil enhancer in new and existing gardens, especially vegetable gardens.

Can also be used as an organic matter source for making compost blends.

Because mushroom compost acts like a strong fertilizer, care needs to be taken when being utilized in any application to ensure optimum performance.


Rose Mix

Blend of pine, compost, & sand with nutrient package.

Keeps roses from becoming too dry to too wet.

Perfect for plants that enjoy an acidic environment.


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