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Purchase Aqua Green


One Quart will cover 3,500 square feet of turf area.

Retail Price: $70.00
Product is non-toxic and organic.




GUARANTEE: We are so sure this product will work for you, that if it does not, we will replace the product or refund back your money. To be eligible for guarantee you must do three steps. Take a photo of your lawn area before treatment with your cell phone. Apply AquaGreen , then take a photo one week later. Do not mow the lawn in between photos, we need to see the greenup and growth of the lawn all because of the moisture from the atmosphere.

AquaGreen is a humectant. Many humectants are utilized in everyday lotions and cosmetics to moisturize your skin.
In the soil profile, we use the humectants to convert the humidity in the air into water droplets in the soil profile.
The more humid the environment, the more water droplets that are created in the soil profile.
We make water each day for the plants keeping them succulent and from drying out.
This product will eliminate a potential fire hazard, since the plant will not catch fire.